The basics of how to Make Money Online from home

There are 4 steps to make money online :

1. Finding A Profitable Niche Where People Are Buying Products or Searching Online.

What is a niche ?

It is simply an Internet Marketing term for area or subject. For instance, cooking could be a “niche” – jewelry, electronics, games, education, personal development, weight loss, etc – the list is endless of what people are searching for, and purchasing, online.The niche you choose should preferably be an area you are knowledgeable about, and interested (better yet passionate) in telling the world about. Above all, it must be profitable.

How do I know if the niche is profitable?

First determine how many people are searching for that product or service online. Imagine the word a person would type into their computer when they were looking for information about – or a place to buy – this product or service. This word is called a “keyword”. Go to “Google AdWords Keywords Tool” enter this keyword, and look at the number of monthly searches. This is the number of people looking to find this product, service or subject on the internet each month. One indicator of profitability is how many people are selling in this niche. Find this out by typing the same keyword – in quotes – into your search engine and it will return the number and (pages of) names of companies trying to sell this product or service or provide information about it.

2. Create A Sales Platform.

What is a Sales Platform ?
A Sales Platform is a place where you capture prospects identity (for follow-up email marketing), market and sell your product or service. This is usually a website or blog.

Isn’t a website very expensive?
It could be if you have someone do it for you, however you could put up a starter website yourself for the cost of a domain name ($ 10-12. dollars a year), a web host (about $ 5 a month) and building a free blog if you, have some basic computer skills.

What is a Blog?

Quite simply a blog is like a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter where you post information about your niche on the internet for the world to see. The two major (free) blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

3. Create Your LIST.

What is my list and why do I need one?
Internet Marketing is a game of large numbers. For instance out of 100 “leads” (people who may be interested in your product) you may get 2-3 sales (and usually after multiple contacts).Out of 100 “leads” (people who may be interested in your product) you may get 2-3 sales (and usually after multiple contacts). The Truth is – the majority of Customers will not acquire on the initial call, and will not acquire till they know even more about you and rely on you. You can trust your list to make replay sales of similar items. You do need a checklist of prospects and prior clients to be effective at Internet Marketing.

4. Market Niche Related Products Or Providers.

Supposing I do not have a service or product of my very own?

If you are a newbie, all the better! Selling your very own product is the hardest means to obtain begun in Internet Marketing. Why? Due to the fact that you need a complete Ecommerce internet site with the potential to obtain repayment, planning freight, take care of client service, and the like. There is a means to prevent this problem and cost. It is called Associate Advertising, and it is the best and least expensive means to obtain begun.

How do I market or industry these items?
The means are just about endless, and can not be covered thoroughly in this short article, yet typically they can be separated into paid and free. Listed here are merely a few of the (free) means you can market and industry your product.
Typically, these are the 4 basic steps to start off to make online money.