How to Make Your First Buck Online

The advent of Internet has made money making easier than ever. Instead of being physically present at a certain location to promote and sell your products or services, you now have the whole world as your potential clients! It is no wonder that more and more people are turning to internet to make their passive income. How to start making your first buck online? One of the simplest way is to develop and market information products which is an eBook.

Below are the few points to get things started :


  1. Pick a topic.

Find an area of your interest or something you are familiar with. For example, if you are working in a publishing company as an editor, you can share tips on publishing magazines or self-publishing.


  1. Survey the market.

Use “Google External Keyword” tool to find out the search volume for your market. Search volume reflects the interest of the online population on your topic. As long as the “keyword” of your topic has a decent search volume, you can assume that your informational product would have some demand when it is put up on sale.


  1. Brainstorming for ideas

Keep a list of ideas for your topic, either on your note book or on your computer. The single major benefit of writing down all your ideas as they come in is that you can avoid forgetting about them. This strategy would save you much time if you use it regularly.


  1. Get a website up

You need a platform to promote and sell your informational product. Start with using free blogsite such as Blogspot or WordPress. As your traffic builds up and you are really making an income, consider to upgrade to web hosting site where you have more freedom in customising the website for the content.


  1. Draw traffic to your website

A common strategy is by creating interesting content on your blogsite. This free information serves two purposes: first, to educate the public about the topic and secondly, prime them to purchase your ebook! You can also go to a similar blog, post relevant comments and share the link to your articles.


Now you are set to generate passive income online with your informational product!!