Top 7 Free Ways to Promote Your Website or Blog and Drive Traffic to it

Okay so you learned how to create your own website. So, whats next ? Well, next part is PROMOTION.

You need to start promoting your website/ blog before you start monetizing it. Right ? So how do you do it ? Ofcourse you can put a dent in your pocket (if you have a good budget to work with) and buy ads from Google/ facebook / bing and the likes.. However, if you are a noob, I am sure you wouldn’t want to spend a penny before you see some green, Am I right ?

So, here are some FREE ways to Promote your website or blog successfully. I can vouch for these as they are all tried and tested by yours truly ūüôā

1. Ezinearticles – is perhaps the BEST free article directory you can ever submit articles to. It will not only boost your ranking but give you laser targeted traffic to your blog – all for free ! And Google loves ezines. It is a bit tricky to get past the stringent ezine editors, so unless you know how to write QUALITY content or have money to outsource it, this method will not work for you.

To get started with ezines, all you need to do is create a free account and add your website url in your bio as well as in every article you write. You cannot write promotional articles about your website. For example if your site is for selling shoes, you can write something generic like Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Shoes.. or something like that – instead of why choose our site to buy shoes etc. So make it generic and useful article of min 400 words and just add your website url in Resource/author box in the end. Not in article body. As long as you do this, you are under the radar and if you are a good writer, you can easily get your articles approved. Try submitting 5 to start with and then submit daily or regularly to keep constant flow of traffic to your site.

2. YouTube – If you know how to create a simple video using free tools like animato / screenr or your webcam – well then, YouTube is a gold mine for organic traffic. Do your keyword research and try to rank for keywords which don’t already have top articles on You Tube. This gives you an edge over your competition . This one’s pretty simple – create a video – upload on youtube for free and see the traffic rolling in (provided you did your keyword research and have some solid backlinks to your youtube account).

3. Facebook – You can get a plethora of traffic from Facebook. Join as many groups and pages related to your blog niche as you can. Then start posting useful comments on these pages/groups with a link back to your site. Some groups have 1000000’s of people on them.. see how many you can reach for FREE.

4. Pinterest – Pinterest is the “new” mecca for social networking through pictures. Do you have pictures on your blog ? If not, go ahead and add some and Pin them on your Pinterest page. Your blog url will automatically be placed behind the picture you have pinned. Try and promote your pinterest profile a bit by staying active on it – repin others pin’s / comment and keep pinning.

5. Yahoo Answers – Do you see people asking questions related to your niche ? Well then, you know what to do. Just answer in as much details as you can and mention your site url in “source”. Thats’ it. see traffic flowing in.

6. Digg – Digg is perhaps the BEST social bookmarking site EVER. I mean seriously guys social bookmarking can never lose its value as a¬†back linking¬†tool. Just log on to Digg and add your best post there. If its popular, sky is the limit to the no of hits you can get to your blog. Having a popular post on Digg is not easy though. You need to work towards it – digg other people’s post/ make friends/ and add quality content which readers would love to read. With experience, you can get there – if not, atleast you have a solid backlink to your site, eh ?

7. Pingoat – Ping each and every post you make on Pingoat. Its free !

Apart from this there are many other article directories like articlesbase, goarticles . Then there are Web 2.0 properties like blogger, hubpages, squidoo. ¬†You should also try promoting through forum signatures as you can get multiple backlinks. ¬†Check out the huge array of social networks/ social bookmarking sites and pinging tools –¬†All are 100% free to promote your site on… So if you have time then promote away to any and every place you can think of. ¬†There is no dearth of free , white hat marketing methods and resources.

These are top 7 for me – whats your list ?