Make Money Easily – Outsource!

Okay so people think outsourcing is possible only when they have built a solid business and then want to outsource to others. This is NOT true. You can start outsourcing with ZERO capital and earn BIG !!!

If you use this method “EXACTLY” as given and if you start NOW.. I can guarantee that you can make decent money (atleast $500 to $10,000++ THIS MONTH itself). Sky is the limit really you just need to apply yourself. These days even 12-14 year olds are internet millionaires – how ? they dont work hard – they work smart – they OUTSOURCE !

So, are you motivated enough to start NOW ? Okay here you go –


Register on (Now I know many people will be like – Oh we already know that – Or, I am already a member – but NO). The trick is to register to hire cheap contractors and NOT to register as a job seeker and make pennies . CLICK below now to sign up –

On next page, Click on ” I need a Contractor”. That’s it you will be asked to fill out a short form and you are a registered employer 🙂


STEP 2 – 

Now, first things first. You MUST verify your credit card on Odesk. Odesk is one of the MOST reputed business organisations in the world and you dont have to worry about your card being charged without authorization  All they need to know is that you HAVE a working card which can be used to pay the people you hire. So they will make some small charges on your card like few cents to verify it. You will have to check your card statement online and verify the charges.

This step is perhaps the MOST important step . This is because job seekers wont take you seriously if you are not verified. I mean would you bid on a job for someone who doesn’t even want to verify his card to pay you – I guess not, right ? So VERIFY your card as soon as you register to build confidence in sellers.


STEP 3 – 

Post a job. I know you are not ready to buy yet and dont have any capital. So dont worry posting a job is FREE. Post a job and just shortlist your candidates. Post a generic job for 10 articles or part time writers. You need to get the best writers on board as you will be buying in pennies and earning in dollars. This is not going to be easy and you may have to interview many people before you find “your team”. This should take 1-2 days (maybe even 1 hour if you find the right person(s) soon).

Hire your shortlisted team and buy atleast 1 hour from 1 person – it wont cost u a lot – less than $2-$3 in most cases. When you know its a long term thing and you want to build a solid business so testing work is important aspect. Samples dont show true quality and turn around time. so TEST atleast 1 or more hours from one or all your shortlisted candidates. This step might need some small initial investment but then you are serious about this and looking to make BIG bucks so whats a small investment to you?


STEP 4 – 

Now you are all set with your very own “Content Writing Business”. How , you ask ? Well, its easy you have a team of writers and you know where to find them. Now what you need is clients. Where do you get clients from ? There are 100’s of websites and forums. The trick to break into market is to offer services dirt cheap. With Odesk workers , its easy to offer lower prices .

Start selling services cost to cost. Like log on to – create 20 gigs related to article writing (all different). Now offer 2 articles for the rate of 1. This way you can beat the competition. Once you get order, you can then go to Odesk and hire the persons you shortlisted for the job. Once you have great feedback under your belt, there will be no looking back. Check out forums like Digital Point , Warrior forum, Blackhatforum , DNS and all major webmaster forums. Promote your services in the “BuySellTrade” section or if its a paid section, then just promote in signature.

Make videos and upload on youtube about SEO / Online marketing – which will be useful for webmasters. Watermark with your blog where you sell your services (You can create one for free on Blogger). You can even go to yahoo answers and if someone is looking for a writer..well, you know what to do 🙂

The content writing market will NEVER get saturated as popularity of net is only increasing and Google is getting more particular about having QUALITY content !

You can use this method for a million other things too. I would also recommend Social media marketing. You can hire facebook promoters/ ads/ likes / youtube views or anything under the sun. To get workers, just post an ad on Odesk and you will be sure to get top workers at lowest rates in the market. Then go to these forums or Fiverr / gigbucks to resell. Its easy but you need a lot of determination and motivation to break into the market first. Once you are established, your life is set. You can very well say bye bye to your boring 9 to 5 job !

So , what are you waiting for ? TAKE ACTION NOW !