How to Get 2000+ Valuable Subscribers to your List EASILY and for FREE!

Okay, so everyone knows key is in the list, eh ? Now building your list is a pain if you do it the normal way – Build a quality squeeze page, add converting copy to it, get organic/paid traffic, then maybe 20% of your visitors will sign up to your list ? B-O-R-I-N-G and time consuming, right ?

This is EXACTLY what turned me off whenever I wanted to build a list – The struggle to get subscribers. It took me 2 months of promotional to get just 268 subscribers on my list (this was done the HARD WAY).

So here is a short cut to succeed.

Simple step by step method –

1. Join LinkedIn (Already there – GREAT).
2. Add connections in your niche (LinkedIn works BEST for IM niche  or just to build your business/brand or website – join communities / business groups etc). Make as many connections as you can. Post advises and solid info in groups so that people connect with you as well. Your post goes viral and you get 100’s of connection requests. Its THAT easy to get connections.
3. Search on LinkedIn for business owners, IM experts and add them all.
4. Export your connections
5. Upload to an autoresponder (Turn “ON” the confirmation email so that you are complying with anti spam policy).

Its THAT easy! Now, how can you do it in 0 days ? You do already have a LinkedIn account, I am sure, isn’t it ? – Just export the contacts and there you go. At this point, without any effort, I have 2k+ connections on LinkedIn. I bet most of you do too (or even more). If not, its EASY to build a network and connections there… you can do it in just a few days and you have a NEAT IM LIST.

Even this is NOT a buyer list but give them your offer and who knows, even if you get a buyer list of 30% from this list – isn’t it AWESOME ?

So in one day, if I want RIGHT NOW, I can have 2000 “probable” list subscribers, if I add them, maybe 70% will confirm (I assume because they already know me from LinkedIn), So thats a list of 1400 subscribers in less than 15 mins for me. Currently. All opt-in’s but then again, “this ISN’T a buyer list” but it sure can be converted to one. Be creative – sky is the limit ! This method can be spun and you can use twists to use it in YOUR NICHE too.

I would recommend to use only this Autoresponder for this method because they do allow affiliate products /sales (unlike some others that I had tried), Its affordable and easy to use (with awesome email templates, tracking and other cool stuff) –

Once you join Getresponse and have any questions regarding this method, feel free to Contact Me and I can help you out / Or just comment here 🙂

You can of course, think of ideas on how to tweak this method yourself (Use other social media networks) – I have shown you the key steps. This will gonna be easy – NO complications. Just IMPLEMENT It before you jump from one money making method to other ! JUST DO IT NOW.