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Yahoo Answers – Excellent source for Targeted Traffic and Leads

Are you trying to promote your website or any affiliate products or services ? The easiest way to generate laser targeted traffic and leads is Yahoo Answers.

We talked briefly about ways to promote your site before. However, if we pick the methods which work best and talk about them in details, it can prove fruitful in our marketing endeavors. So lets get into the basics of Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo answers (Let’s call it YA for short), is an excellent page with millions of users logging in to answer questions or ask them every single day. If you have a website in a popular niche like weight loss, relationships, health, etc.. then YA is “GOLD” for you. Trust me !

All you need to do is follow this Step by Step YA success guide I have chalked out –

1. Register on YA for free here – – Its a PR 7 page so thats proof enough that the Big G loves YA 🙂

2. Now, start answering questions and giving “useful” answers (dont think about promoting right now). Just pick any question in any category and answer them. Do this for several days till you reach Level 2. Thats when the money making begins !

3. Now that you are at Level 2 , you get to add clickable links to your answers (in the end “Sources” section).

4. Next.. go to your category and start answering questions. Give meaningful answers and then add your site url in Sources. For example if someone is asking how to get their ex back and you are promoting a product like magic of making up, then just add in source  something like : This product (url) helped me get my ex back, I am sure the tricks would work for you too. (Something personal which would make the person click on link and make others to do so too – who read the answer).

5. Wait for traffic, leads and sales to flow in 🙂

Remember, you need to do this EVERYDAY. try to answer 50-100 questions a day. It wont take more than half a minute to do answer a question. So you can just spend 1-2 hrs a day and earn big $$$’s online on YA.

Good luck and hope you see green with this method. Do post your results here .