Make Money through Sponsored Posts and links on your blog – Selling ad space guide

Ad space is the best way to monetize your new or established blog. Whether you are a budding blogger or a pro, you can start small and earn few cents per day or go big by opening a blog farm and making a living out of blogging. Its all up to you and your inclination towards writing and marketing. Here are my TOP 3 ways to earn from ads / posts on  your blog –

1. Google adsense – Apply for google adsense account and use ads on your blog. Typically one banner in side bar would suffice. Dont go all crazy and place ads in every nook and corner of your blog. This will lower your blogs appeal and readership.

2. Sponsored Reviews – This is a great site to bid for offers. I made $1000 in just a few months using sponsored posts on my blogs ( I have 10 blogs). Click here to join Sponsored Reviews and earn big with your blog. Just add your blog and wait for approval. Once approved, bid on all relevant post offers . Its easy and fun.

3. Teliad – Teliad is another excellent way to mint money with blogs. You can sell text links, ad space, banner space as well as sponsored posts at GOOD rates on Teliad if your blog is accepted. I have 1 accepted blog and they pay anywhere from $30 to $50 per link per month ! Which is way more then what you can get on forums – I have seen people selling links for $10 a year (or permanent) on their blogs. So dont waste time and settle for less. If your blog is good, You will know what its worth 🙂

Have fun minting money with your blog!


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