How to Manage your Full Time Work and Work on Your Own Success – Side by Side

Everyone who wants to quit their corporate job and get into earning money online generally start working side by side on small projects first. Some people do part time internet jobs like – building their blog (web presence), working on simple PTC sites, joining forums to learn more, writing articles in their free time etc. There are many ways to earn online along with your full time job. However, MANAGING time is crucial and that’s where you win or lose (in online world).

Some people want to send work or upload files from office but cannot as their boss might catch them working on “other” tasks. There is a really simple solution for this. You should always have remote access to your home PC / Laptop. You can use remote access thru your smartphone (Gosh if you don’t have one you are living in the Ice Age, really!)  or your office PC. This way you can be connected to your home email/ files/ docs at all time.

You can check your emails / run programs and stay productive (like in spare hours of your office work) from your smartphone or any other computer via internet .

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