First Step in Making it Big Online – Create Your Own Website

Everyone dreams of quitting their job and making it big online, but not everyone CAN. You need to stay motivated and focused. All good things come with time and efforts. First step in your online money making adventure HAS to be website creation. For all your publicity, campaigns, offers, sales, you NEED a site and sometimes tons of them. Even if you want to rattle your thoughts down, you need a site or a simple blog. A blog is generally the best place to start for newbies.

For newbies, creating a website can seem like a daunting task at first. I know this coz even I felt this way when I started out. Looking at the 1000’s of links and texts confused the hell out of me. Now that I know “how” to set it all up.. All it takes is 1 min to buy a domain and add WordPress to it. Its as simple as that. !!! Really. Then you can pick any of the hundreds of free themes by WP and start posting. If your blog is good, you wont even need help promoting it and traffic will come automatically. (Well that comes in later steps but first things first :)).

STEP 1 – Buy Hosting 

I would recommend Godaddy for hosting as they are the most trusted and reputed providers in the industry. They have 99.9% uptime of servers and so far I have never faced any issue buying and hosting my 20 odd domains with them ! Click here for a special discount code I sourced just for my readers 😉 (Ahem.. you can thank me later).

$3 .COM at! Expires 4/16/13.

Ok so now you can see 3 options on screen. Economy / Deluxe/ Ultimate hosting plans. I would suggest the Deluxe plan coz in economy plan they offer ONLY 10 GB space . To make it big , you will probably need several websites with videos/ texts / pictures and a lot of data. So Deluxe should fit the bill – and seeing that its JUST $1 per month more , it really wont matter much. So pick “Deluxe” hosting and select 12 months from drop down list. I wont suggest 36 months just now as you need to test out your sites/traffic and see if this works for you.I know many people give up after few months of “trying” so if you are dedicated, you can pick 24 or 36 months offers as well – though, you can extend anytime so 12 months is ideal !

Ok done ? Next step is to purchase a domain. Just go here and buy 1 that fits your niche (and preferably with your keyword in it) Here is another super offer on domains for you 🙂  –

Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!

That was easy, wasn’t it ? Now you have hosting and domain name.

For simple blogs, I would suggest wordpress. Google loves wordpress. Set it up for free in your godaddy control panel. Click here for a simple step by step guide for doing that .

If not, get a website designed by some great and cheap designers . You can find wonderful designers for low rates on Odesk. Click below to register and hire website coders/designers/ content writers and MUCH more –

Now your website is ready. So what are you waiting for ? Start posting articles/ videos/ pictures NOW!


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